5 Best Bookshelf Speaker Manufactures

Home entertainment systems are a fast growing, expansive electronic media genre.  Today, consumers with disposable income are looking for ways to increase their home theater systems to make them comparable, at least on some level, to the cinema experience.

To do this, they often do what most folks do when looking for products of interests.  They will run a computer search for electronic manufactures.

There a literally hundreds of them which pop up on the computer screen, from long established companies to new startups.  This article will highlight five of the best bookshelf speaker companies on the world wide web.

These five best bookshelf speaker manufactures have been chosen by a random internet search.  Needless to say, there was literally page after page to choose from.  Further narrowing on companies was completed because the name may have been recognized from advertisements on other media outlets, while others are new, recent start-ups which feature ‘new and innovative’ product lines.  They are discussed in no particular ranking or order.

1. Bose

Bose as a manufacturer has been around for a long time. 

This American based company maybe is best known for its noise-cancelling headphones, loudspeakers, automobile sound systems and standalone music systems.

They have been cited as being in the top list of manufacturers for many years.  They have done so by focusing on electronic development for consumer use and identifying problems and providing solutions, such as their noise canceling headphones.

Many of their products are offered in different styles and colors.  This makes them more customer friendly, allowing potential customers to select from different colored palettes to suit their tastes.

Their bookshelf speakers are classified as ‘mini-speakers’, and are wireless.  A Bluetooth application makes them portable.  They can be used indoors and out, promising to deliver ‘Bose quality sound’ on the go.  For people on the go, who are looking for a device with versatile use, Bose could definitely be one of the 5 best bookshelf speaker manufactures.

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2. Kilpsch

Officially named Kilpsch Audio Technologies, this company was founded in the 1940s.

Today, they offer a wide variety of speakers, computers, and sound bars.  They also offer high end speakers, covered in wood veneers to match the potential customers’ furniture and the environment.  This company goes so far to use matching wood grain and assigning sequential serial numbers to ensure each speaker matches its mate seamlessly.

The attention to detail and innovation in acoustic principles makes this company one of the 5 best bookshelf speaker manufactures in the world.

Their larger pieces more closely resemble furniture.  This is why they are also popular with auditoriums and public settings such as churches and meeting halls.  However, their bookshelf speakers receive the same attention to detail as their bigger counterparts.  Of all manufacturers listed, this company promises perhaps the highest end craftsmanship.

Their bookshelf speakers are no exception to their policy on workmanship.  Although smaller than most of their products, these speakers are also made with attention to detail of the exterior, as well as the technology inside.  This company stands behind its products and promises sound to match the looks of the units.

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3. Dynaudio

Dynaudio is a Danish company which began life as a manufacturer of car radios and audio equipment. 

Founded in 1977, it eventually began to expand into other realms and today offers high end, handcrafted wireless home speakers.

Their bookshelf speakers are more industrial in appearance, choosing to focus more on the quality of sound rather than aesthetics.

All of their models are clean and precise.   Their level of functionality rates high with customers and critics alike and makes them one of the 5 best bookshelf speaker manufactures today.

It is reported on their website that Dynaudio has recently been purchased by Samsung.  There is no information on their website to indicate that Dynaudio will cease to exist.

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4. KEF

United Kingdom based KEF is touted to be the largest manufacturer of electronic speakers in the world. 

A search of their website reveals a home theater system with wireless bookshelf speakers, but these futuristic free standing speakers perform the same function of other wireless speakers.

That is the ability to be placed anywhere in the room to achieve better quality sound; yet, one has to wonder at their cost of $8,000.00/pair (at the high end of the scale) and if the average person can afford the price.

KEF does over a variety of styles does have a pair of bookshelf speakers listing at $399.00.  There is a limited warranty on all items.  However, there are very few customer complaints or unfavorable reviews found.  This makes this company one of the

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5. SVS Sound

An American company, SVS maybe the youngest company on this list.  They offer several different styles of speakers, including bookshelf, satellite, tabletop and elevated styles. 

The company also offers the most inexpensive models of bookshelf speakers (under $140.00).   Their range of prices are impressive since the most expensive bookshelf speaker showcased is $2,700.00.

Their products are sleek in appearance and are made to be seen rather than blend into their surroundings.  SVS also offers a free 45 days in the home trial period, free shipping and free returns if the customer is not satisfied with their product.

Their free shipping and customer support certainly merit this company being included in the 5 best bookshelf speaker manufacturers listed here.

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Final Words

In conclusion, electronic customers today are savvier than any generation before.  Those of us who are not as well informed has literally thousands of places to look at their fingertips.  Sounds simple, right?  But, it’s not as simple as it sounds.

There are literally thousands of companies out there who make and sell bookshelf speakers.  This article has attempted to highlight 5 of the best bookshelf manufactures on the world wide web.

Each company is unique.  This was done intentionally by this writer to give a broader scope of what type of products are available.

Ultimately, it is up to the consumer to choose which type of bookshelf speaker fits their home, their lifestyle, and their budget.

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