Top 10 Best Studio Monitors / Speakers 2019

Whether you are a sound producer who works for endless hours in the studio, or you simply want a powerful speaker for your entertainment needs; it’s important that you make perceptive choices. Auditory Mania provide an excellent recommendation for you. That would be to gain some insight into some of the best studio monitors and speakers reviews.

Since the advent of the first studio monitor and speaker to hit the consumer market, the conventional feature set and functionality of some of these things have been improving and is simply amazing. In fact, we have come across a host of unique upswings, especially in overall sound production capabilities and sound enhancing features as well. Investing in these types of speakers guarantees an immersive audio delivery experience each time.

We have made this procedure much simpler for you by highlighting some of the highly rated products available out there today. All our products are chosen by conducting in-depth research and consulting our immense knowledge base on entertainment products. By the same token, we have also underscored some major design features and functionalities that you should consider before investing in a fully functional speaker.

In this way, you not only invest in a feature packed speaker that is capable of producing exceptional sounds, but you also receive the best value for your money as well.

Top 10 Best Studio Monitors or Speakers 2019

1. Adam Audio A7X Powered Studio Monitor

Experience the superior quality of the Adam Audio A7X Studio monitor which comes with a unique X-ART tweeter for optimal performance. The X represents extended response frequency which provides improved efficiency and higher maximum sound levels. Besides that, this speaker provides an exceptional frequency level that can average at as much as 50khz.

The A7x also provides the perfect integration levels with the lower frequencies being achieved with the new woofer design. This woofer has been designed with a much larger voice coils. And it’s driven by an amplifier that delivers that twice the power of the conventional woofers available today.

This unique consolidation for features helps to produce an unrivaled sound and pressure levels, with almost minimal distortion levels.

To be specific, the front panel comes with a power switch and a unique control for adjusting the volume levels. On the rear panel, this woofer comes with various additional features such as; two shelf filters for both low and high-frequency levels.

For more about Adam Audio A7X Powered Studio Monitor, check out customer reviews on Amazon.


  • This speaker provides an extended frequency response level
  • It also guarantees optimal sound pressure levels with minimal distortion
  • The front panel features a power switch and control for volume adjustment
  • The rear panel features addition features such as tow shelf filters


  • It provides a rather low amount of sound stage sound depth
  • The speaker takes time to set up

2. Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitor

With an innovative design, the Yamaha HS8 studio monitor comes with new transducers that can achieve smooth sound responses over a wide bandwidth level. This helps to ensure the accuracy levels of the signal reproduction all through the audio spectrum.

Besides that, users can easily upgrade to the 1-inch tweeter, and the new monitor series provides an exceptional frequency range while delivering the ideal sound resolution levels.

Yamaha manufacturers have done well to optimize the power of the HS monitor and subwoofer to be ideal for a host of music production applications. The YS8 series speakers comprise of a unique amplifier unit which is perfectly matched to the transducers.

Designed with a unique bi-am design and a separate dedicated amp for the both the tweeter and the woofer. This speaker delivers unrivaled sound quality each time. Best of all, the HS series are designed with cabinets that eliminate any unwanted resonance and improve the accuracy of sound reproduction to the extreme limit.

The enclosures are designed using dense and resilient MDF material with a damped acoustic response which is perfect for use with reference monitors.

For more about Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitor, check out customer reviews on Amazon.


  • This 8-inch speaker comes with a powerful tweeter and woofer
  • It also provides exceptional room control and high trim response benefits
  • The XLR and TRS phone jack inputs provide added performance benefits
  • The enclosures comprise of resilient MDF material


  • It is rather heavy to move around for some users
  • The ports are placed on the back of the cabinet, which is rather inconveniencing for sound production


Double up on your sound production regime by using the JBL LSR308 Pair Studio monitors and speakers that work to improve the quality of sound each time. This unit comes with a unique vortex design that does well to mitigate the effects of any unwanted sound.

Based on an in depth analysis, this speaker features a unique design that leads to reduced noise. The inclusion of the state of the art technology provides additional benefits, especially in the professional production environments.

The JBL-LSR308 woofer also allows users to control the exaggerated low-end sound that often occurs when two speakers are placed close to walls. For inputs, the HS full range speakers can go a long way to accommodate various types of balanced and unbalanced sources such as mixers.

This subwoofer comes with high cut control sets that cut off the frequency of the subwoofer while the Phase Switch adjusts the phase of the subwoofer output for optimal performance.

For more about JBL LSR308-PAIR, check out customer reviews on Amazon.


  • The inclusion of the HS full range speakers accommodate various device types
  • The subwoofer features high cut control sets to cut off the frequency
  • It also allows for improved sound control benefits
  • The unique vortex design is ideal for producing improved sound quality


  • It susceptible to malfunction and might have to be switched off to restore functionality
  • It does not produce the ideal bass quality

4. KRK RP8G3-NA Rokit 8 Generation 3 Powered Studio

Discover the excellence of the KRK RP8G3-NA Generation 3 powered studio; which is designed to provide natural and balanced spectral responses with low distortion and superior imaging benefits.

The KRK RP8G3 studio system is the perfect choices for recording engineers and artists for mixing and mastering sounds all over the world. It comes with a powerful KRK Rokits that are powered by studio monitors. It provides professional performance and accuracy for mixing, recording, and mastering.

The entire system comprises of a soft dome tweeter and eight glass Aramid Composite woofer. It delivers high frequencies that average up to 35khz. Best of all, this system comprises of a proprietary bi-amped class An amplifier, that is capable of delivering as much as 109db of sound.

More importantly, the Rokit Waveguide has been customized to provide enhanced sound imaging in almost any listening position. The front firing bass port does well to reduce the effects of boundary coupling and to provide optimal positioning in the room. The KRK RP8G3 also features multiple input connections, that go a low way in ensuring that; this speaker will easily integrate with any system configuration.

For more about KRK RP8G3-NA Rokit 8 Generation 3 Powered Studio, check out customer reviews on Amazon.


  • These speakers feature powerful KRK Rokit’s for professional performance
  • It also comes with a soft dome tweeter and composite woofer
  • It features a proprietary bi-amped class An amplifier
  • This unit is capable of producing 109db of sound


  • This monitor is susceptible to damage especially for high impact falls or forces
  • All ports are in the backside, which is inconveniencing

5. Mackie CR5BT Channel Studio Monitor

Equip yourself with the Mackie CR5BT studio monitor that comes with Bluetooth functionality. This feature makes it ideal for various types of functionalities. Besides that, the unique streaming Bluetooth feature provides the ultimate flexibility for music enthusiasts and media creators.

The Mackie CR5BT also can provide well over 50 watts of power and with premium transducers that can deliver rich sound and deep bass responses each time. This lets you choose the portion of your desk that gets the volume know with the CR speaker placements switch for optimal convenience.

Besides that, the unique design of this unit lets you leverage the benefit of using a convenient front panel; that comes with a dedicated headphone and output control feature. This machine also comprises of high output drivers and a true studio monitor and wave guide system for optimal performance.

In fact, the CR can deliver premium performance results and with a meticulous design to match. This speaker provides extra handy features such as the front panel aux input for smartphones or tablets.

For more about Mackie CR5BT Channel Studio Monitor, check out customer reviews on Amazon.


  • This speaker has a superior studio quality design and unrivaled sound performance
  • It allows users to stream music from any Smartphone or handheld device
  • This best studio monitor and speaker comprises of professional grade components for optimized sound performance
  • It also comes with a convenient front panel and a headphone port


  • This EQ is susceptible to malfunctioning
  • The speaker lacks sufficient controls for sound customization

6. PreSonus Eris E4.5 2-Way Powered Studio Monitors

Change the way in which you experience entertainment by using the PreSonus Eris 2 way powered studio monitors. It provides unrivaled quality sound and in a compact package. This makes them perfect for home studios and high fidelity applications such as computer speakers.

Best of all, the diminutive Eris E4.5 is an exceptional value and pack a serious punch when it comes to entertainment; thanks to the low-frequency transducers.

Besides that, the entire set comprises of low mass, silk dome tweeters and responsive 25 w class AB amplification benefits per each speaker. The PreSonus Eris is unlike the conventional studio monitors since it comes with controls for enhancing different listening environments and improving the frequency response levels.

For more about PreSonus Eris E4.5 Powered Studio Monitors, check out customer reviews on Amazon.


  • This speaker has a 4.5 inch Kevlar low-frequency transducer
  • It also provides a 50-watt class AB amplification
  • This sound system comprises of unique acoustic tuning controls for various applications
  • The RF interference output provides current limiting, subsonic protection and over temperature protection


  • The tweeter is prone to damage especially when producing loud sounds
  • It also lacks the appropriate stereo sound quality

7. Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor Bundle with Two Monitors

When it comes to entertainment, choosing the appropriate regime is important. Simply, you want to use a powerful machine such as the Yamaha HS5 Studio monitor that sounds great every time.

The dynamic design of this unit makes it ideal for home stereos and car use. It also has a unique two-way bass reflex bi-amplification that helps in producing sonic and electric music results. In fact, the unique bi-amplification levels are beneficial since they allow separate power amplifiers to drive the high frequency and low mid speaker units.

As a result, this unit can go a long way in eliminating any phase anomalies and allowing both speakers to produce content at optimal levels. This will then help in producing the clarity and transparency required for mixing content.

In particular, the drivers of this best studio monitor provide optimal clarity and transparency each time.

For more about Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor, check out customer reviews on Amazon.


  • This speaker has an excellent frequency response level
  • It also has a unique HF bi-amp system for high performance and power amplification as well
  • The TRS and XLR phone jack is easily accepted for unbalanced and balanced signals
  • The inclusion of large magnets in the advanced magnetic circuit design provide unrivaled sound performance
  • The entire bundle features stands, monitors and cables


  • This speaker takes time to set up
  • The exterior construction is susceptible to damage

8. Audioengine A5+ Active 2-Way Speakers

Realize what you have been missing when it comes to entertainment by investing in the Audioengine A5+ 2-way speakers. These premium power speakers provide unrivaled sound quality, and they also have affordable prices as well.

Users can easily connect it to computers, tv or any other compatible devices. The main benefit of the Audioengine speakers is to provide an exceptional entertainment experience and with a fully featured unit.

The custom Kevlar woofers, hand built cabinets and tweeters work well to improve the functionality of the unit. As a result, you can easily charge your device by using the USB power port and a subwoofer option as well.

This unit is compatible with various types of devices and it’s also easy to install as well. The inclusion of the in built power amplifiers work well in saving space and reducing the need to connect the speakers to a receiver or external amplifier.

For more about Audioengine A5+ Active Speakers, check out customer reviews on Amazon.


  • In built power amplifiers that can deliver 50watts per channel
  • Compatible with most computers
  • It also has custom Kevlar woofers and silk tweeters
  • This speaker provides enhanced thermal management benefits


  • At 25 pounds of weight, these speakers are heavy
  • Some users find it difficult to use the remote sensor

9. M-Audio AV42

The M-audio AV42 speakers is an excellent addition to choose for the Recording producers and engineers in studios all over the world.  These speakers will help you enjoy a professional standard of audio quality right close to your computer.

These speakers come with custom tuned cabinets and advanced cross over technology. Also design the speaker optimized that provide the best sound quality. The flexible, uncovered tweeter and woofer cones are used to replace the grill and to provide a more intricate waveguide; while providing child proof benefits.

Various devices can be connect easily to use the RCA line outputs. User can easily find it on the speaker panel. Each connects sounds to the passive and active speakers for immersive sounds. The front headphone output lets you work privately at any hour for enhanced convenience.

For more about M-Audio AV42, check out customer reviews on Amazon.


  • This entry level speaker has a compact design for entertainment purposes
  • It also has a flexible and uncovered speaker cone design that guarantees enhanced sound quality
  • The 4-inch woofer can provide 20 watts per channel with class A/B architecture
  • It has RCA inputs that let you connect gaming systems, mixers and more
  • This machine is compatible with various types of devices such as smartphones as well


  • The RCA lines are susceptible to damage
  • This speaker lacks the ideal stereo sound quality performance

10. IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors

Evolve the way in which you experience entertainment by using the IK multimedia micro monitors; that are ultra compact and designed to suit your needs. With their compact design, advanced DSP processing, and EQ, the iLoud micro monitor can provide a flat frequency response.

Besides that, these speakers also have exceptional stereo imaging and transient noise capability. It includes a pair of compact monitors.

More so, users can be sure of professional-quality bi-amplified design; that goes a long in ensuring accurate and true sound with enhanced frequency responses. These speakers are also powered by using four ultra efficient class D power amps that can provide an exceptional 50W RMS of power.

As a result, the two tweeters and woofers assure extreme clarity and superior bass responses of this speakers. The features are augmented by the inclusion of an on board 56-bit DSP processor to provide you with total control over your speaker.

For more about IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors, check out customer reviews on Amazon.


  • These portable studio speakers provide enhanced audio quality
  • They also come with four high-performance class D power amps that can deliver 50watts of power
  • It also has an extremely linear frequency response and precise stereo imaging capability
  • The speakers will provide an extended frequency response level


  • The speakers take a significant duration to set up
  • The DSP processor is difficult to repair in the likelihood of any damage

Benefits of Studio Monitor or Speakers

They are compact in design

One of the main benefits of using these types of speakers is that they are designed to take up minimal space in your working space. In particular, the studio monitors are unlike the best home theatre systems which are designed to take up a large space for optimal sound production. In particular, the studio monitor systems are simple to set up and can be positioned right at your fingertips for optimal convenience.

Most brands include additional features

Besides that, most brand manufacturers when it comes to the best studio monitors and speakers tend to include a host of unique additional features. To be specific, users can easily come across features such as RCA lines, ergonomic features and LED displays among many others.

In this way, you can be sure of sound reproduction and even entertainment with fully featured and powerful speaker to match your needs. These speakers are most often simple to set up. They are also available with various features for unrivaled performance.

Compatible with different device types

The best studio speakers and monitors are also often designed to compatible with a host of unique device types. By investing in a good studio monitor for your needs, you can be sure of compact sound production benefits that are right at your finger tips.

For instance, these speakers are not only designed to be compatible with computers, but you may also use them with devices such as Smartphones and MP3 players. Most manufacturers often consider that these speakers should be used in sound production environments.

Simple to assemble and set up

In addition to this, another notable benefit of this type of speaker is that they are often simple to set up. In fact, you do not need to install any special software before you can be able to access the full functionality of the speaker.

Once you plug in the jack into your preferred device, you can then start listening to your favorite tunes with unrivaled quality.

Why You Need a Studio Monitors for Your Home or Studio

It’s important to note that the studio monitors and speakers are simply a special type of speaker category that is ideal for various applications, especially audio production purposes. Some of the main benefits of this speakers include filmmaking, television, studios and recording studios among many others.

Accurate audio reproduction is an important resource. For a significant portion of audio engineers, the term “monitor“ is used to refer to a “speaker“ that can produce a linear phase and frequency response.

Simply put, the speaker should demonstrate a small amount of emphasis or de emphasis on the particular frequency, and the loudspeaker can provide precise sound reproduction benefits. More so, these speakers are also ideal since they are also designed to mitigate the effects of phase shifting in specific frequencies, such that users experience no distortion when it comes to sound stage perspectives for stereo recording purposes.

Beyond the stereo sound stage applications, the linear phase response in most studio monitors helps improve the impulse response to remain genuine to the sound source with any sound compromises. These speakers are also often designed to be compact enough to sit on a desk or stand close to the listener.

This type of positioning often allows the user to listen to the sound directly, rather than reflecting from the surface of the wall and ceilings. The monitor speakers might comprise of various types of drivers such as woofers or tweeters, for evaluating low-frequency sounds with convenience.

More so, the studio monitors are often made using robust material than the conventional hi fi loudspeakers. In fact, whereas the hi fi loudspeakers only have to reproduce compressed sounds, the studio monitors have to accommodate with immense volumes and sudden changes in sound.

Things to consider when buying Studio Monitors & Speakers

There are various important factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best studio monitors and speakers.

Amplification Capability

The studio monitors may be classified as active, in that it features one or more internal power amplifiers, or passive in that it requires an external power amplifiers. In particular, the active models tend to provide bi-amplified benefits, meaning that the input of the sound signal can be classified into two aspects by using the active crossover for high frequency and low-frequency components.

In most cases, both aspects of the speakers tend to be amplified by using separate low and high-frequency amplifiers. The low-frequency aspect is then relayed to a woofer, while the high-frequency aspect is relayed to a tweeter for immersive sound.

The bi-amplification is implemented such that a cleaner sound reproduction level can be achieved, and that signals can be simple to process before the power can be amplified.


When it comes to studio monitoring systems, the ability of the system to handle power will play a major role in the overall sound quality, and not simply volume alone. In fact, it this helps determine the dynamic range and the amount of headroom you have available before the signals can peak.

Higher watt levels will allow you listen to more transient sound quality, and you can be able to introduce accurate adjustments to the limiters and compressors.

Although you may not need the highest power rating, you need to know that more wattage will produce improve sound definition and with a dynamic range level.

Power – Single-amp, Bi-amp, and Tri-amp

The way in which that signal is divided up to power the drivers in a studio plays an important role in whether it’s classified as a bi-amp, tri-amp, and the single amp as well.

A significant portion of studio monitors comprises of two speakers, one for high frequencies and a woofer for low and midrange frequency delivery. In some cases, a third speaker may be added such that all the frequencies can be sent to specific speakers.

The single amp configuration helps users divide the output of one amplifier, which can send that appropriate frequency to each speaker. Broadly speaking, the bi-amp and tri amp tends to have a more accurate frequency level and improved sound quality as well. By powering, each speaker individually, rather than from a single amp, each driver can be able to reproduce a dedicated frequency range with precise sound results.

Driver type construction

You will often come across various types of speaker construction materials that are available out there today. Whether it’s paper, Kevlar or even aluminum, you will easily come across something that suits your needs.

A significant portion of manufacturers are increasingly producing innovative products, and there are various resources available for different speaker types. The material construction plays an important role in the sound quality of a given speaker.

Cabinet design Considerations

You will come across various types of speaker design constructions that are available out there today. We have the large models that come with a ported cabinet that improves the frequency response level for enhanced bass levels.

Although this can be beneficial in the production of sonic sound accuracy, the ported cabinets may not be as precise as the closed cabinet models. This type of design is often compromised if the ports are placed on the back of the speaker, and are placed close to a wall.

If you can’t avoid placing the speaker close to the wall, then you should consider the front ported models for your needs.

EQ, Room Correction, and Other Features

There are several studio monitor features, and some often come with some unique EQ built into them for enhanced performance in the room. In fact, some models even feature digital processing that can enhance their performance levels even in small spaces.

Although these features might be meaningful, you should also note that the laws of physics play an important role. In this case, EQ and room correction DSP can play an important role In sound quality, and they can go a long way in enhancing sound quality.

Broadly speaking, a good set of speakers should help you enhance the acoustic quality in your room.

Other considerations

  • Brand manufacturer– there are various brands when it comes to choosing the best studio speakers. Some of them including Sony, JBL, Mackie, and KRK among many others
  • Additional features– a good speaker should also be available with replacement parts and additional items such as covers
  • LED displays: These play an important role when it comes to customizing the functionality and sound delivery of the chosen unit
  • Size: The size of the speaker should be in relation the size of your room. For those who mix in small spaces, you may achieve accurate results by using the smaller monitors.

Final Judgment

Taking all things into perspective, there is no space for poor decision making or insufficient improvisation . Making informed choices always has its inherent benefits, especially when choosing the best studio monitors & speakers.

Simply put, choosing a top quality speaker will require some level of informed decision-making and in depth research. We tried hard to highlight all of the features for your needs. All of the above speakers are simple to set up and are available with different features.  That makes them ideal for sound production and customization.

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