Dayton Audio B652 Review

Owning a reliable and great quality speaker is essential. Which is why, to aid to that, we will be reviewing a highly requested speaker for you today: the Dayton Audio B652 speakers.

Our mission through this review will be to give you the clearest picture of this speaker keeping it as simple, comprehensive and detailed at the same time. So that, by the end of our article, you know grasp the idea of its true worth. So, will the Dayton Audio B652 have what it takes to be your next speaker or will it fall short? Let’s not waste any more time talking and get right to it!

The Dayton Audio B652 Speaker at the Glance

First of all, the Dayton Audio B652 is sold pairs. And yet, they are so ridiculously affordable that it will surprise you!

The Dayton Audio B652 is a 2-way speaking which, in other words, mean that has a woofer and a tweeter and uses two different levels of frequencies. It weighs 11.6 pounds and measures 6.4 x 7.1 x 11.8 inches in dimensions. Not the lightest speaker but you won’t be carrying them around with you, now will you? Due to its size, it will do a great job adorning places like dorm rooms, office spaces, gyms and so on, but we wouldn’t recommend it for PCs or desktops set-ups; a little too large for that. Here’s what you get with the purchase of Dayton Audio B652 speakers:

  • 2X of 9.5 feet long 20 AWG speaker cables
  • Non-marking rubber feet

Sound Quality

The Dayton Audio B652 has an impedance of 6 ohms and a power handling of 40 watts RMS and 75 watts maximum. Furthermore, the speakers have a sensitivity of 87 dB which is pretty average, and a frequency response of 70 Hz to 20k Hz.

Though, these specifications are going satisfy you to a great extent, we still think that the frequency response will fall short to impress you due to it falling short in coverage. Consequently, it lacks a little on the bass extension as well.

Nonetheless, it still does a great job proving its competence in the nonsub or bass frequencies. Also, they get pretty loud as is, but pair them up with a subwoofer and BOOM! You have yourself, theatre-grade speakers!

One more thing, the Dayton Audio B652 speakers are compatible with amplifiers that can work with 4 to 6 ohms.

Construction and Visual Appeal

The Dayton Audio B652 speakers come to you in an elongated box enclosure which is made out of pica vinyl. The body includes a 6.6-inch polypropylene woofer and a 5/8 of an inch polycarbonate ferrofluid cooled tweeter. Also, there’s a grill on the tweeter which removable, so that is a win-win in a way. One particular problem was that many customers complained of were the glue that showed around the surround.

Consequently, the Dayton Audio B652 speakers don’t look too amazing or noteworthy. We guess, you say it is good-looking and sleek, but at the same time, it looks too basic and simple for our liking, at least. Either way, due to such “basic-ness”, it does pretty well blend seamlessly in all sorts of decors and settings. Weird, but smart strategy, eh?

Mounting and Installation

These speakers include quick-connect speaker terminals and a key-hole hanger for wall mounting.

The bottom has rubber feet so placing it on shelves or any flat surface securely won’t be any problem either.


When you find a speaker this cheap and quality-generous, it’s hard to believe that they would come with any possible after-sales facilities.

Well, you were probably wrong because the Dayton Audio B652 speaker comes with some very generous warranty offers. You get a whopping 5-year warranty on parts and an equally spanning 5-year warranty on labor. Very nice, indeed!

A Quick Overview of the Dayton Audio B652 Speakers


  • Are more or less compact
  • Produces good sound quality
  • Have removable grills
  • Easy mounting
  • Offers some amazing warranties


  • Lacks behind on frequency response and bass
  • Sloppy and tacky construction

FAQ about the Dayton Audio B652 speakers

  1. Can the Dayton Audio B652 speakers be used with my computer (laptop)?

Answer: Yes! You will have no problem doing so. Just get an amp and an RCA to 3.5 mm jack and you are set!

  1. Can I hook them up with my phone or tablet?

Answer: These aren’t your expected Bluetooth or wireless speakers. So, nope, you can’t connect them to your phones or tablet.

Final Judgement

And, this is where our review of the Dayton Audio B652 speakers concludes. Let’s what we get from it so far: to begin with, the Dayton Audio B652 speakers are outrageously affordable. They produce great sound and whiles, yes, it’s not the best out there but we still consider a jackpot for the money! Other than that, there are a few flaws with the appearance, but we wouldn’t deem this too huge of a problem since nobody buys a speaker to admire its good looks!

The Dayton Audio B652 speakers aren’t the best pick for studio or professional use but they can make an amazing addition to spaces like gyms or the living room if you hook it up with an amp. In conclusion, the Dayton Audio B652 speakers are more than value for money so we highly recommend it!

Thank you for staying with us. See you soon!

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