The Polk Audio T15 Review – Does this impress you?

Hello and welcome to our article today! Because the quest for great quality speakers is what brought you here, today we will be reviewing the Polk Audio T15 speakers.

Due to the risks of a product that you may regret later, we have devised this review to ensure that you are fully informed about these speakers. In addition to just learning about its features, you will also get an insight about its advantages and downsides so that by the end of our article, you have mastered enough confidence to decide on it. Do Polk Audio T15 speakers have what it takes to impress you? Let’s find out.

The Polk Audio T15 Speakers at a Glance

The Polk Audio T15 are bookshelf speakers are sold in pairs. They weigh 16.1 pounds and measure about 7.2 x 6.5 x 10.6 inches in dimension.  As we can see, the numbers easily give away how compact and lightweight are they are.

The Polk Audio T15 speakers have been built to provide theater sound quality, and as far as we know Polk Audio, they tend to deliver. These speakers are promised great highs, midrange, and bass; the perfect combination of the trio. But, we will find out soon if these speakers can keep up with the reputation.

Sound Quality

Keep in mind; if your speakers can’t impress you with its sound quality then you bought yourself a pair of wooden boxes. The Polk Audio T15 speakers hopefully will not disappoint you.

The T15 speakers use their exclusive Dynamic Balance drivers and tweeters for extensive coverage and low distortion. In addition to that, the enclosures are magnetically shielded to prevent any distortion from other devices. Polk Audio T15 speakers have a peak power handling of 100 watts, sensitivity of 89 dB and a nominal impedance of 8 ohms. And, the frequency response ranges from 60 Hz to 24k Hz. In our opinion, 60 Hz isn’t all that great but it will get you through if you don’t push it too much.

While these are already theatre-grade speakers, if you chose to connect an amplifier to them then we are recommended to choose ones with power 20 to 100 w/channel.


The Polk Audio T15 speakers have a 5-way binding posts that allow you to connect them to most wire-hook ups. You can even use them as front or rear speakers. In fact, they work with most home theater receivers, stereos, etc.

But, the one thing that disappointed us was that it wasn’t designed to connect with phones or tablets. It is not a deal-breaker once you consider the low price but it’s Polk, so we did expect a tad bit more.

Construction and Design

The Polk Audio T15 speakers use an acoustically-inert and furniture-grade MDF cabinet that is been cleverly designed to keep distortion at bay. Its body has a ¾ of an inch silk dome tweeter, a 5 ¼ of an inch composite driver. Also, has a front-firing bass port; all engineered with Polk’s very own Dynamic Balance technology.

As for the looks, these speakers look very typical of speakers. They come to you in all black and matte. The sides look and feel like a very fine wood finish and look sleek. In other words, it is simple and basic-looking. But due to this very fact, it will blend into every setting and décor without clashing. But what we really liked was the speakers’ removable grille.


Theses speakers are bookshelf which means they have been specifically designed so that you can easily place them in small and tight spaces.

In addition to obvious, the Polk Audio T15 speakers have key-hole slots that allow you to mount it on walls. However, it has been designed in a way that you can use other mounting brackets (not included) to hold it.

A quick look back at the Polk Audio T15 speakers


  • The Polk Audio T15 speakers produces theatre-quality sound
  • Can be connected to most home entertainments
  • Has a removable grille
  • Looks great against all decors
  • Has key-hole wall mount option


  • Won’t connect to phones, tab, etc
  • Poor lows and highs
  • Degrades vocals
  • Low volume

FAQ About the Polk Audio T15 speakers

  1. Are the grilles made out of cloth or metal on the Polk Audio T15 speakers?

Answer: Hello, thank you for the question. The grilles are made out of synthetic cloth; pretty durable. You will like them.

  1. Do they have internal amplifiers?

Answer: Hello! No, the Polk Audio T15 speakers are passive speakers. This means none of the two speakers have built-in amps in them. You will need an additional amp to get them going.

Final Judgment

The Polk Audio T15 are a pair of some very promising speakers. They, without any doubt, fall down in the race. These speakers are affordable, produce great sounds, look great and harbor various other plus points.

However, the speakers do have some very big cracks. While it wouldn’t bother most people, our avid and experts will not be satisfied with its failing low and highs. The volume is poor and vocals aren’t too great either. Now, it isn’t entirely bad of course, but if you have very high standards then you may not like it. In conclusion, we wouldn’t recommend the Polk Audio T15.

This concludes our review of the Polk Audio T15 speakers. Hope you enjoyed reading along so far and picked up a few good points too. For more details, click on the link of the product. And with this it’s a wrap, we will see you soon!

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